How to order for pick up or delivery in and around Piedmont

Click to go to my Facebook page, which is where I’m taking orders currently. This is also where I’m posting my bakes, so follow me to be updated weekly. You can also message me to request an order in advance and I will confirm on the day I bake.

Classic white sourdough

Soft crumb, with varying degrees of sourness. I make this every week and can par-bake it if you want to finish baking it in time for dinner.

Whole grain

10-40% whole wheat, rye, kamut, spelt, barley or other grain in a sourdough base, sometimes with the addition of seeds like millet or flax. See bake day posts for exact varieties that week.

Specialty loaves

Part of my weekly bake routine is a uniquely shaped or flavored loaf with high quality inclusions (fruit, seeds, chocolate peppers, cheese…), and holiday items.

Other homemade goodies

When I get a whim, I make it! Pastries and cookies made with sourdough starter, jellies and jams and other treats.

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