Do androids dream of eclectic wheat?

Some experiments in sourdough-ing and recent bakes from my Facebook page

Oct 30, 2023 - couronne bordelaise

I’ve had this beautiful traditional French bread on my list to try since I first laid eyes on it about a year ago. It requires a special bread form to create the shape and an extra large Dutch oven for baking. I’ve finally got my ducks in a row, equipment-wise, and gave it a go. I love the way it turned out and I hope to be able to offer it on my holiday menu!

Oct 15, 2023 - a shout out from a local paper!

This has been an exciting week for me. On Wednesday I was interviewed by a writer for the Piedmont Exedra about my bread business, and a feature was published in Friday’s edition. I thought she summed up the points of our hour-long discussion very nicely and succinctly and put a wonderfully positive tone on my budding venture and the path that led me to take this leap. The friendly emphasis on residents and local happenings is just one more reason why I love this community!

Oct 2, 2023 - for the love of ube

I’m experimenting with ube purple sweet potato liquid this month, and the addition of black sesame seeds. Ube itself has a slightly vanilla flavor, which is very subtle at this concentration, but the crunchy seeds and dramatic color make a fun, unique dinner accompaniment!

Sept 24, 2023 - Harvest Festival Day!

The 2023 Piedmont Harvest Festival was a success for Saturday Sourdough! I’m named in the edibles contest winner as having won 11 ribbons for bread, jams, sauce and pickles, including 4 blue ribbons, which earned me the Bill Drum award for most winning entries. And a photo of one of my loaves ended up in the Piedmont Exedra.  

Sept 16, 2023 - farm stand day

Tried a little thing today with some scalded whole wheat bread, plum cakes, challah, and biscotti. Really loves the way the little plum cakes turned out!

Sept 15, 2023 - all things Harvest Festival

If you know me, you know that I’m a big fan of our local Harvest Festival and edibles contest! This week I’m gearing up with jams, roasted veggies, and pickles of all kinds, not to mention bread. Just the colors make me swoon.

Sept 5, 2023 - on learning about challah

Never having made a challah before, I’ve started playing around a sourdough version. The first couple tasted weirdly sour. The next iteration using a stiff starter instead of traditional levain, tasted good but the shaping fell apart. Third, where I switched to raisin yeast water was promising, but again didn’t shape well. Next was a stiff starter with RYW, getting somewhere! And my final iterations (after 12??? loaves) were finally satisfactory, after using a RYW levain to create a stiff starter and after some practice with basket weaving. There is still room for a fluffier crumb, but it’s been a fun process of learning!

Sept 1, 2023 - it’s time!

The start of fall is special to bakers as it marks the end of the hot season where bread rises too fast and acid builds up in the dough very easily, which makes sourdough especially tricky. Fall means you can relax around the rise a little and trust the oven spring to be there when you bake. And it means the return of cute little pumpkin breads! A cinnamon stick makes a cute stem.  

Aug 12, 2023 - baking for Maui

Update: I'm sending $300 to the Maui United Way today. Sincerely, thank you all for supporting. And a huge extra shout out to Michelle for going the extra mile for this vital cause!

Hello friends, in light of the urgent need following the disastrous fires on the island of Maui, I've decided to dedicate my baking this weekend to a fund for support of its displaced residents and rebuilding efforts. Maui Strong provides assistance directly to the County of Maui specifically for this purpose. ALL of the proceeds from my bakes today and tomorrow will be donated there. If you would like to support them directly, please visit for information about donating. And THANK YOU for your support!

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