When am I baking?

Hi friends! My next bread stands are planned for:

Saturday July 27

Saturday Aug 10

Saturday Aug 24

I open around 9:30-10am at 230 Palm Drive and I post on FB when the sale goes live. Each week I make some classic sourdough, some whole grain, and some specialty flavors, and some sweets. You can message me from Facebook or at saturdaysourdough@gmail.com to pre-order or request something specific.

Classic sourdough

Soft crumb, with a hint of sourness.

Whole grain

10-40% whole wheat, rye, kamut, spelt, barley or other grain in a sourdough base, sometimes with the addition of seeds like millet or flax. See bake day posts for exact varieties that week.

Specialty loaves

Part of my weekly bake routine is a uniquely shaped or flavored loaf with high quality inclusions (fruit, seeds, chocolate peppers, cheese…), and holiday items.

Other homemade goodies

When I get a whim, I make it! Pastries and cookies made with sourdough starter, jellies and jams and other treats.